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The Eternal Muse

A minstrel whose music manipulates emotion is accused of heresy by a church guilty of its own magical sins.

Piper is a minstrel, whose music is possessed by secret magic he desperately hides. During a performance he unwittingly unleashes his power on an audience that includes the Hierarch of the church, who cries heresy. Piper flees, but not just from the church; his patron is the husband of Piper’s former lover, and the reunion has been bitter….

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Welcome to Rick Waugh's World(s)

No, that’s not Rick in blue. No flames come out of Rick’s guitars. That’s Bartleby Lightfinger, Rick’s muse. It’s how the inspiration behind Rick’s creative process looks when it’s working. Rick should draw what it resembles the rest of the time.

Rick believes in muses, the power of creativity and how it changes both a person and their perception of the world. A lifetime of keeping a toe in creative waters shows it’s a tonic for many things. So stick around, hopefully you’ll find some of what comes from Bartleby to be useful, and hopefully, entertaining.

Inside the world


The Wind Has Come Again is the first song Piper sings in the The Muse: Desecration. The location is the Twisted Pine Inn, in the Kingdom of Auld.


A few sketches of happenings in the first book, The Eternal Muse: Desecration

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